Memory foam

Memory foam pillows that reduce pressure on the neck

The substance familiar to us all as memory foam, or low-resilience viscoelastic foam, is characteristic for its self-shaping property: in fact, the material is capable of distributing weight evenly over its entire surface, adapting to the shape of the body. Pillows in memory foam therefore prevent certain parts of the body from bearing an excessive load.

Memory foam owes its name to its capability of returning to its original shape, because it is non-deformable, even after intense compression of long duration. The memory foam used to make pillows offers excellent support with a low sensitivity to climatic variations. In addition, it is a heat-sensitive material, so that it adapts and adjusts when exposed to the effect of bodily heat. For example, in the case of the quality pillows in memory foam by Fabe, when the user’s neck warms the viscoelastic polyurethane foam through contact, the heat affects the material, which adjusts so as to reduce pressure on the body or neck. This behaviour becomes an absence of stress on the muscles of neck and back, for genuinely relaxed sleep.

Pillows and accessories in memory foam
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