Lightness and softness are guaranteed with feather fills

Feather and down give any fill extra prestige. Pillows in feather are light, warm, soft and pleasant to touch, like a warm embrace for the user. This natural material is obtained from the feathers and down of farmed anatidae (geese and ducks), which have heat-regulating and insulating properties. The structure of a feather pillow fill provides protection for the body’s microclimate during sleep.

The principal characteristics of feather fill are: softness, lightness, compressibility and elasticity (feather pillows are highly compressible, but once the pressure to which they have been subjected during the night is released, they return to their original shape and volume). Feather also has the capability of absorbing bodily moisture, conducting it towards the exterior for a unique level of comfort.

Pillows and accessories in feather
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