Copper counteracts free radicals, it is breathable and temperature-regulating

Fabric with 25% copper yarn is based on the combination of natural and artificial fibres by means of a slender filament of pure copper. Copper’s exceptional properties have a beneficial effect on the human body and on health. In fact, this material is suitable for combating free radicals: copper is present in the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which therefore counteracts ageing. Copper fibre is 100% natural, non-toxic, and it does not contain chemical products.

In addition, copper is temperature-regulating and it is an excellent conductor of heat; therefore, a pillow with copper fibres dissipates excess heat, keeping the body at the ideal temperature. This material is also breathable, and it accelerates the evaporation of perspiration. Copper provides an antimicrobial effect, eliminating a wide range of microbes. In this way, it also reduces the unpleasant odours caused by some micro-organisms. It is anti-static, because its special conductive fibres absorb and disperse accumulated electrical charges.

Pillows and accessories in copper
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