Fibre fills

Breathable, soft and elastic: the qualities of fills in synthetic fibre

Polyester is a synthetic fibre derived from petroleum, and its use in the textile industry began about 70 years ago. The extensive use of polyester fibre fills is due principally to its most important characteristics: when correctly processed, it is soft and velvety to touch, offers a high resistance to abrasion and tearing, it is elastic and non-crease, it cannot be colonised by moulds and bacteria, it is water-repellent, does not absorb stains or moisture, and it dries rapidly.

Pillows with a polyester fibre fill are highly breathable: they permit the passage of the water vapour produced by the body, while also providing good thermal insulation. Because of these characteristics, polyester represents the best synthetic alternative to goose down.

Pillows and accessories with fibre fill
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