Swiss pine

Swiss pine alleviates muscle tension and improves the quality of sleep

Pillows with fill in Swiss pine (stone pine or Pinus cembra) shavings have Tyrolean origins and are recommended for promoting relaxing sleep. Swiss pine has positive effects on psycho-physical wellness and on health: in fact this natural material has the ability to improve blood circulation and calm body and mind, for a more regular heartbeat. The Swiss pine shavings used to fill pillows are rich in essential oils that have a calming and relaxing effect: the fragrance of the Swiss pine induces tranquillity and wellness, encouraging sleep, and accompanying the user towards profound rest, while also releasing a fragrance into the air of the room in a natural way.

In addition to the recharging effect, this material is also good for the airways: pillows with Swiss pine are advisable for those who suffer from colds and sinusitis. The Swiss pine pillow by Fabe is not as hard as you may imagine: it is provided with an outer cover with a container flap in which the wood is inserted along with the wool.

Pillows and accessories in Swiss pine
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