Hygienic – SilverPlus® silver ions

Antibacterial and hygienic pillows with silver ions for better sleeping

The hygienic, cool SilverPlus® treatment is created by means of highly innovative finishing procedures with silver ions. These are liberated in small quantities every time that it is necessary, only in the presence of moisture. Fabrics in close contact with the skin, such as those in pillows and bed accessories, represent an environment that is particularly suitable for micro-organisms and bacteria, which flourish as a result of body moisture, and produce unpleasantly odorous substances in combination with perspiration. The SilverPlus® treatment guarantees an anti-microbial and bacteriostatic effect.

While usually bacteria are removed from a fabric by washing at a temperature of at least 60°C, SilverPlus® proves to be effective even at low temperatures, permitting savings of energy and money and protecting the environment. In addition, this property enables it to sanitise even the most delicate materials, which otherwise would be damaged. Fabrics treated with SilverPlus® also show a remarkable resistance to washing and dry cleaning: its efficacy is guaranteed for a long period of time. The SilverPlus® treatment complies with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100; it has no effect on the skin’s natural pH and it does not utilise noxious substances.

Pillows and accessories with silver ions
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