Polyurethane core

Polyurethane gives pillows a flexible but firm structure

Expanded polyurethane is a material with a cellular structure that encloses a high percentage of air in the volume. This helps define its principal characteristics: non-deformability, flexibility, support and comfort. In addition, polyurethane fills make pillows insulating, non-allergic and anti-bacterial. 70% of the open-cell polyurethanes market is represented by the furnishing sector, in the production of fills and seat structures for settees, mattresses and pillows.

Fabe inserts a polyurethane core into its pillows to provide the firmness necessary for support. The use of an internal pillow structure in Olmosoff® expanded polyurethane provides excellent elastic performance, optimum comfort, low deformation and remarkable breathability.

Pillows and accessories with polyurethane core
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