Anti-dust mite Greenfirst®

Natural protection against allergies while you sleep

The benefit of the Greenfirst® plant-based anti-dust mite treatment is its high acaricidal power, with total respect for nature. In fact, this treatment is non-pollutant, and it does not contain chemical microcapsules of pesticide chemicals or solvents, because it is based on essential oils. Fabe has chosen to adopt this acaricidal procedure to make its pillows even safer and higher-performance.

The natural active substance is geraniol, compliant with the 98/8/EC Biocide Directive and Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The hypoallergenic characteristics of the Greenfirst® treatment are documented by the Institut Dermatologique d’Aquitaine IDEA. The anti-dust mite efficacy of Greenfirst® is guaranteed by the independent laboratory TEC. Careful checks are made on the entire production and distribution chain, and every item is labelled and numbered to ensure its traceability. It is valuable for promoting hygiene and ensuring good sleep.

Anti-dust mite pillows and accessories
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