Stain-proof Teflon®

Improves hygiene and facilitates pillow cleaning, maintaining softness

By means of nanotechnology, the Teflon® anti-stain treatment makes the fabric water- and oil-repellent. Therefore the most common water-based (coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, wine) and oil-based (fats, oils, ketchup) substances do not penetrate the fabric. The patented Teflon® anti-stain treatment makes it possible to remove stains simply with a cloth (in the case of liquid stains) or with a brush (for dry stains). This makes it possible to keep the bedroom environment healthy and hygienic, protecting the pillow over time.

The anti-stain treatment therefore creates a film on the fabric, which protects the pillow from dirt and stains, without any change to the pillow’s structure, comfort, softness and breathability. The fabrics can be washed normally at low temperatures without damaging the protective treatment.

Pillows and accessories with Teflon® anti-stain treatment
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