Pillows made with bioceramic fibre stimulate the microcirculation

The technologically-advanced bioceramic yarn creates a fabric that is pleasantly soft. The sensation of comfort also becomes wellness for people who choose pillows in bioceramic. Through the action of bioceramic fibres, body heat is absorbed by the fabric and is then re-emitted in the form of FIR rays (Far Infra-red Rays) which stimulate the microcirculatory system and reinforce metabolism. This material is 100% natural, it is non-toxic, and does not contain chemical components. In addition, it retains its structural characteristics over time, even after repeated washing.

Another important characteristic of bioceramic pillows is their high level of thermal insulation, namely their ability to keep body temperature constant even in conditions of extreme cold. In fact, bioceramic fibres, as revealed by a number of tests, reduce the consumption of calories in cold conditions, therefore conserving the body’s physical energy.

Bioceramic pillows and accessories
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